Faculty of Engineering


Dr. Ravi Nath Tripathi

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  • Areas of Research: Power Electronics, Power Semiconductor Device Control, Power Converter Control, Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation
Dr. Ravi Nath Tripathi has joined the Kyoto University of Advanced Science in 2020. Earlier, he was working as a post-doctoral researcher on New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) project at Next Generation Power Electronics Research Center, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan. He graduated doctoral degree course in 2017 from Kyushu Institute of Technology and master’s degree course in 2013 from Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering), Delhi, India. Dr. Tripathi has been working in electrical engineering-power electronics and having research interest in design and development of Gate Drive Control for power semiconductor devices, design and development of FPGA-based controller for power electronic converters, Grid-integration of Solar PV system and motor drives.

Recently, he is working on JSPS KAKENHI-young research scientist project to develop intelligent gate control for power semiconductor devices as well as high-frequency control of Wide-band gap (GaN and SiC) based power converter.

In his personal time, he enjoys hiking on weekends, cooking, and doing physical activities (sports: cricket, table-tennis, badminton, tennis, running and exercise).