Faculty of Engineering


Dr. Yoshihiro Sato

Yoshihiro Sato obtained his PhD in engineering from the University of Electro-Communications in 2016, the same institution where he obtained his MSc in 2001. In the time gap between his MSc and PhD, he enrolled once for a doctoral program but retired. His unique career also includes working at an audio equipment company for three years, as well as researching at the Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo for 10 years before completing his PhD on the second challenge.

Yoshihiro is currently engaged in the research of robotics and computer vision. At KUAS, he commenced researching a control system for a robot that aims to simplify operation by using computer vision and virtual relation. His research interests also include robotics with clear applications, such as in agriculture.

A chef at heart, Yoshihiro enjoys finding the next hidden gem in the restaurant scene. He also spends his spare time hiking to burn off those calories or taking in a live show.

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