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Graduate Admissions Process

Discover our program & familiarize yourself with the application requirements and procedures!
Check out our graduate program main page, which includes the Key Features & Fields of Study as well as the Curriculum sections! Also, feel free to browse the other parts of our website, such as the latest news, our university at a glance, or Life at KUAS. Finally, be sure to read through the application requirements and procedures carefully.
At KUAS, we want to ensure that your admission process goes as smoothly as possible. We are actively recruiting applicants from around the world, and are looking forward to creating a diverse atmosphere on our campus, where students of different nationalities, ages, sexes and backgrounds come together to study together.

Sign up for pre-application review
Since you want to be a graduate student at KUAS, first we need to make sure that one of our teachers is a good match for you. Use the instructions in our Application Guidelines to sign up for pre-application review and select a professor (or professors) to act as your research supervisor. Make sure that you check the timetable in our Guidelines so you know when to start!

Complete the application procedure online
The International Admissions Office will contact you with the results of your pre-application review. If you receive a positive reply, we will tell you how to complete the remainder of your application. You may be required to physically mail parts of your application documents to KUAS.

Take an online interview
Once we have reviewed your application package, we will contact you to set up an online interview. At KUAS, we value every applicant’s passion and thoughts. We want to get to know you, and believe that just seeing your records on paper does not paint the whole picture. It is not necessary for applicants to travel to Japan for the interview, as we do not hold any face-to-face interviews. After you submit your application, you will receive a message with detailed information including the interview date and time. Please ensure that you check your email and messages regularly and respond promptly.

Take your next step as an engineer!
We value and appreciate every application to our university. Once we have carefully reviewed your application and determine that we want to welcome you to our program, we will send you an offer of admission online. If successful, please carefully follow the instructions to proceed with preliminary payments as well as the visa arrangement (detailed information can be found in the corresponding categories). We hope that you are as excited as we are to take your next step as an engineer!