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From an engineer's perspective, Kyoto provides a uniquely stimulating environment for building a career. The presence of globally top-performing mechanical and electronics companies headquartered in Kyoto is closely tied to KUAS' engineering program. The authentic experience gained in the center of industry gives students confidence and an edge in their job hunting.
Other programs and support are available to help students learn about business and society and discover their own career paths.

Of course, graduate programs are also available for students who wish to pursue more advanced studies.

Career Design Program

KUAS seeks to nurture all of its students into young professionals who can act independently to achieve their goals. We provide numerous opportunities to communicate with companies and working people in order to help our students adapt to social change and find purpose in their career. By doing this, students can obtain the skills necessary to create an ideal future for themselves.
KUAS also offers active-learning style classes to prepare students for job hunting in Japan. These help students to grow their understanding of industries, companies, and occupations. In addition, they empower students to develop a recognition of the skills and abilities they have gained during their student life, and how they relate to acquiring employment.
Finally, KUAS encourages students to engage in self-exploration while building their careers with the assistance of our professional career support staff.

Internship Program

KUAS works with companies both in Japan and abroad to offer internship programs specifically designed for our students. More than 80 Japanese and 30 overseas companies* offer internships to KUAS students, allowing them to gain experience in a wide variety of industries.
Participating in an internship program and acquiring knowledge of the real world will give students a great advantage in finding their own specialties in their future.
*As of 2021


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