Faculty of Engineering


Engineering Our Future

Welcome to the Future

“Hello and welcome to our Faculty of Engineering. Having been entrusted with developing this department from the ground up, it is extremely close to my heart and I am certain we have created something truly unique here at Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS). I believe that engineering is the most important discipline of our time - it is connected to everything from the factory to mobility, health-care to agriculture, even including communications. To build a department that truly satisfies the demand of engineers in our modern society, we had the opportunity to create everything from scratch, including gathering a truly diverse faculty as well as building a state-of-the-art facility. We believe we are a trail-blazing institution in Japan, offering an all-English engineering program with an innovative educational approach that focuses on acquiring real-world skills. I believe we are thus in an unprecedented position to challenge the best the world has to offer. “

- Professor Osamu Tabata, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

Unprecedented: The Goal of 50-50

50% international students and 50% female students - this is our goal for this program. These would be unprecedented numbers in Japan and I am confident we will achieve this for numerous reasons. Japan has traditionally had the image of being difficult to enter for foreigners. However, through our English-based program in our Faculty of Engineering, we offer a unique but realistic path of entry for international students. Furthermore, Japan has begun to initiate programs to promote women entering the hard sciences. In other parts of the world, especially Southeast Asia, we are seeing a trend of young women entering engineering as it is considered a “flat” society. I believe that there will be so many stimuli on campus: a diverse faculty and student body, a focus on practicality with chances to nurture independent thought in addition to teamwork-heavy projects, as well as the unique environment that is Kyoto - both as a technological cluster and cultural capital.