Ambassador of Ukraine to Japan Visits KUAS Uzumasa Campus

News Engineering 2023.02.02

Ambassador Korsunsky of Ukraine visited KUAS' Kyoto Uzumasa Campus on Tuesday, January 31, 2023. He participated in a round-table discussion with a total of 22 students from Ukraine, including 21 undergraduate students and 1 researcher. Ambassador Korsunsky's visit to KUAS was covered by NHK news.

To these students and researchers who came to Japan last year from their native Ukraine to start their lives anew in Japan, Ambassador Korsunsky said, "So far, we have received a lot of support from all over Japan. I am sure that in the future relations between our two countries will become even more deeply connected. I hope that you will learn about Japanese technology and culture and become a bridge between our two countries".

U Ambassador Visit 2a.jpg
View of the Roundtable Discussion with Ukranian Students

KUAS announced its intention to accept students and researchers from Ukraine in April of 2022, and began accepting Ukrainians from the fall semester. These Ukrainians will be fully-fledged students at the KUAS Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering, where all classes are taught in English. Ambassador Korsunsky, who also has an engineering background, told the students, "I envy all of you who are studying at the Faculty of Engineering here. You will become the main players in a new Ukrainian economy. For many countries, Ukraine was seen only as a resource supplier. During the reconstruction period, it will also become a manufacturing base for many Japanese and other companies. I hope that you will study hard at this university. I believe that this will lead to your contribution to Ukraine in the future.”

KUAS will continue to provide various support for its Ukrainian students and researchers so that they can concentrate on their studies and research, as well as opportunities for them to realize independence and integration in Japanese society.

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Ukranian student being interview by NHK
(GO URATA, Public Relations Center)
(MICHEAL SMITH, International Center / Institute of Interdisciplinary Research Junior Associate Professor)