Faculty of Engineering holds 3D Printing Competition

News Engineering 2021.07.08

A competition using 3D printers was held for first-year students of the KUAS Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Systems Engineering on Saturday, June 19th at the Kyoto Uzumasa South Building Science Plaza. This time, Yakushin Kasajima won first prize. 

This competition is a part of extracurricular classes and it was the third competition held following the two catapult contests held last year. The challenge this time was to use a spring-like structure made by a 3D printer and compete to see which structure would be able to jump the highest on its own. 18 first-year students entered the tournament as competitors, and the event was run by 1 third-year student from the Faculty of Humanities and 8 second-year students from the Faculty of Engineering. The atmosphere was friendly but the competition itself was fierce. 


Before the opening of the competition, Dr. Osamu Tabata, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, addressed the participants, "This competition, where participants build jumping structures to compete against each other, is unique to KUAS. Please make the most of today and have fun." The Dean’s address kicked off the competition and the preliminary round began immediately. The 18 entrants presented their thought processes and the inspiration behind each work and then each one was tested twice. 5 participants made it to the finals where the maximum measurement limit of 95 cm was repeatedly exceeded. The 5 finalists were Amane Araki, Kohei Kakuda, Yakushin Kasajima, Shoi Sakaguchi, and Junsei Tanaka. 

In the final stage, the rule was to compete for the total score of the height jumped over a hurdle in 3 three attempts. Yakushin won the competition with a total of 175cm, having successfully completed large jumps of 95cm and 80cm. 


Yakushin had this to say when asked about his experience participating in the competition. "I thought a simple and light structure would be good, so I designed it in the image of a leaf spring. It didn't jump at all in the prototype stage, but after some advice from my professors, I was able to make it jump, which surprised me. I would like to participate in this kind of event again because it was different from my regular classes and I could have a lot of fun while making things by hand." 

In his closing address, Dean Tabata concluded, "It is very important that first-year and second-year students were able to interact with each other through this competition. I am glad that this will be carried on as part of the culture of the Faculty of Engineering, and that the current first-year students will plan events for the incoming students next year." 
(Public Relations Division, Kazuhiro Ariki)