KUAS Faculty of Engineering Dean Tabata, Dr. Liang Participate in MEXT’s Scheme D Symposium

News Engineering 2021.08.19

The Dean of the KUAS Faculty of Engineering, Professor Osamu Tabata, and Junior Associate Professor Zilu Liang participated remotely in a MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) Symposium on education DX on Friday, July 30, to report on the progress of the new KUAS educational application, “eduBrAIn”. About 20 people attended the event in person at CIC Tokyo (Minato Ward, Tokyo), and about 340 people attended online.

This symposium was held to present the results of the "Digitization Initiative for University Education (‘Scheme D’)" promoted by MEXT. At the 1st "Scheme D Pitch" held in February, 10 winners selected from the top 104 applicants made presentations. The submission from KUAS was selected as one of the top projects, and the professors took this opportunity to report on their progress.

KUAS’s “eduBrAIn” is a system that uses real-time language processing AI technology to support, activate, and amplify brainstorming among students. When the project was announced, it was reported that KUAS had set milestones in cooperation with partner companies, started system development, and planned to release a beta version of the app within the fiscal year. System features, configuration, and technical challenges were also reported no. The professors also showed off the logo for the company.

Mr. Wada Norihisa, Executive Vice President and COO of EduLab Corporation, who participated as a commentator, encouraged the KUAS professors by saying, "I've seen the pitch for EduBrAIn three times now, and the way that all of the concepts presented have been properly implemented is very promising.”