Department of Health and Sports Sciences

Features of the Department

  • Students will acquire knowledge of health and sports systematically based on medical science and medical care.  
  • Using a variety of sports facilities, students develop practical ability to support the health of future clients and patients.
  • Students can acquire qualifications useful for employment in the fields of sports, health, welfare and medicine.
  • We offer three study courses you can choose from according to your future objectives: education, science, and management. Each of these will allow our students to specialize to their interests, whether those lie in early childhood education, personal training or managing a practice.

An employment rate of 100% for the first wave of new graduates - the demand for professionals in Health & Medical Sciences continues to be strong.

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Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Department of Health and Sports Sciences, Professor Hisashi Mitsuishi

Children stimulate the frontal lobe through movement, which increases their cognitive functions with regards to thought and behavior. Furthermore, efforts to maintain an independent lifestyle - without the need to depend on healthcare for everyday life - have become more recognized, as have increased exercise habits aimed at maintaining core bodily functions among the elderly. This means that sports have long become far more than just the domains of athletes: they are essential for all of us, no matter what age, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The trends outlined have been picked up by industry as well, as our 100% employment rate for the first wave of new graduates underlines. This is due to the ability to obtain a wide variety of qualifications, one of the major strengths of our program.