Department of Nursing

Features of the Department

  • Students learn knowledge, skills and attitude of nursing under instruction of instructors with extensive clinical experience.
  • We aim at a 100% success in the nurse national qualification examination.
  • Career options include becoming a “public health nurse” or a “school nurse.”

To Realize the Dream of Becoming a Nurse, One Must Acquire the Ability to Work with Confidence.

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Department of Nursing, Professor, Michiko Takizawa

There are patients whose life has been significantly impacted due to sickness or injury. Aside from their physical issues, they might also be experiencing mental turmoil as a result of their condition, not being able to convey their feelings as they would in normal circumstances. What is thus required of nurses is to truly make an effort to understand each of their patients, not only through their medical knowledge but also through the ability to observe, and the ability, attitude and confidence to handle situations proactively for their patients. I worked as a nurse for 25 years, and I want to everything to my utmost ability to develop nurses that have all these skills.