Department of Psychology

Features of the Department

  • To scientifically understand the mind and behavior of human beings and acquire a knowledge of psychology useful for both professional and social life.
  • To deepen the understanding of the mind through experiments, practical training and classes, using a variety of equipment and methods.
  • To gain a sociological understanding of the human mind and behavior, as well as the communication skills essential to contribute to various organizations and regions.
  • This knowledge will be valuable for a range of career paths, including health, welfare, childcare, consulting, market research and public relations.
  • Graduates will also have completed the basic studies required to gain recognition as a Clinical Psychotherapist.

To Acquire the Ability to Observe the Mind from Various Perspectives and Understand Humanity Scientifically

Faculty of Humanities, Department of Psychology
Professor, Takashi Kawabata

The mind is deeply related to all human behavior. However, there sometimes exist discrepancies between human behavior and thoughts. Within the Department, we will place a spotlight on the state of the mind from broad perspectives, including societal and clinical psychology and sociology of cognition, to re-interpret human relationships around us and activities in society and learn the perspectives and knowledge to build up better human relationships. For example, my seminar tours several social welfare facilities every year. The exchanges between workers and users are precious opportunities for students to experience the method of psychology and sociology and the necessity of support for people. Many of our students work as counselors and other support staff following their graduation.