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Undergraduate Admissions Process

Discover our program!
Check out our Undergraduate main page, which includes our program’s Key Features and Fields of Study as well as a section on our Curriculum. These pages will give you an overview of what our program is all about.
Deciding to study in another country is not easy! First, be sure to learn more about our school philosophy at our About KUAS page or browse the Life at KUAS section to learn what it might be like to study and live in Kyoto. This section also includes a summary of average living costs for students in Kyoto, campus and dormitory information, and more.

Familiarize yourself with the application requirements and procedures
Make sure to read through the Application Guidelines carefully, especially the Admission Policy & Eligibility and Deadlines pages. 

At KUAS, we want to ensure that everyone’s admission process goes as smoothly as possible as we are seek to recruit applicants from around the world with the goal of promoting an on-campus community of diverse nationalities, ages, genders and cultures.

Complete the application procedure
If you are ready to apply, click the “Apply” button on the top right of this page to use our convenient online application tool. Please note that you may be required to mail us some application documents by post. Check the Application Checklist page for details.

Take an online interview
In order to learn more about you, we may ask you to participate in an online interview. You do not need to travel to Japan for this interview, as all interviews are held via online video chatroom. Regardless of whether you are asked to take an interview or not, it will not affect your chances of being accepted, so don’t worry! For more details about interviews, please check the Admission Guidelines.

Take your first step as an engineer!
We value and appreciate every application to our university. Once we have carefully reviewed all applications, we will announce the results via our online application system (TAO). Successful applicants will be sent an offer of enrollment and instructions for the payment of enrollment fees. Please read all instructions carefully and ensure that you follow them promptly, and remember to check the Deadlines page and Admission Guidelines for more details. We hope that you are as excited as we are to see you take your first step as an engineer!