Faculty of Engineering

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Undergraduate Faculty List

Dr. Osamu Tabata

Areas of Research: MEMS, NEMS, DNA Nanotechnology

Dr. Alberto Castellazzi

Areas of Research: Power Electronics, Power Semiconductor Devices, Packaging, Thermal Management

Dr. Fuat Kucuk

Areas of Research: Electrical Engineering, Electrical Machines, Power Electronic Circuits, Renewable Energy Conversion, Electric Vehicles

Dr. Hiroaki Fukushima

Areas of Research: Control Engineering, Robotics

Dr. Hiroshi Kawakami

Areas of Research: System Design, Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Ian Piumarta

Areas of Research: Meta-programming, Reconfigurable Systems, Embedded and IoT Technologies

Dr. Ippei Kishida

Areas of Research: Computational Materials Science, Battery Engineering, Ionics

Dr. Kazuo Oki

Areas of Research: Remote Sensing, Drone Measurement, Sustainable Watershed Management

Dr. Koichi Nakamura

Areas of Research: Quantum Materials Science, Theory of Electronic States, Nanomaterials

Dr. Martin Sera

Areas of Research: Mathematics, Complex Analysis, Complex Geometry

Dr. Masayuki Nishi

Areas of Research: Inorganic Material Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Synthesis and Processing, Optical Materials, Glasses, Ceramics

Dr. Ryo Takahashi

Areas of Research: Electrical Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Statistical Physics

Dr. Ryosuke Matsumoto

Areas of Research: Solid Mechanics, Computational Mechanics, Strength and Fracture of Materials

Dr. Salem Ibrahim Salem

Areas of Research: Remote Sensing, Water Resources and Environment, Water Quality, Deep Learning, Data Simulation, Voice Recognition

Dr. Shigeru Horii

Areas of Research: Materials Science, Solid-state Physics

Dr. Tadayuki Imai

Areas of Research: Optoelectronic Devices, Optical Crystals, Dielectrics, Holography

Dr. Takahiro Namazu

Areas of Research: Nanomechanics, Nanotechnology, Functional Materials

Dr. Yoshihiro Sato

Areas of Research: Robotics, Computer Vision, VR/MR

Dr. Zilu Liang

Areas of Research: Pervasive Computing, Wearable Computing, Personal Informatics, Digital Health