Our Campus & Facilities

KUAS has two campuses: one in Uzumasa near downtown Kyoto City, and one in Kameoka about 30 minutes away from Kyoto City proper. Below is an outline of some of the excellent facilities we are proud to provide to our students.

Uzumasa Campus & The South Engineering Building

Uzumasa campus is located in a relatively relaxed area in western Kyoto City. It is the perfect distance from the city center for a nice, short bike ride in all seasons, and there is always the subway or bus in case of rain.
Uzumasa campus consists of four large buildings. The South Engineering Building is the newest of the four, and was completed in 2019 specifically for our new Faculty of Engineering. To realize our vision for a truly modern Engineering Faculty, we needed a perfect home. Our esteemed faculty were allowed to take a hands-on approach in planning and coordination to ensure that the building features all of the necessary machines and equipment for their state-of-the-art research. Furthermore, the South Building was designed with openness in mind. The floor plan features a museum to showcase our students’ projects and professors’ research and a large, open-floor learning commons. Each professor will have their own labs and offices within the building. However, these open spaces will allow for more interactions between professors, students, laboratories and fields of research. Additionally, the university hopes to enrich these facilities with a culture unique to Kyoto’s technological sector. Traditionally, companies in Kyoto have built dormitories for their employees adjacent to their companies, and our South Building also features an 80-room international engineering student dormitory.

Uzumasa campus features numerous other facilities, the highlight of which is our new West Building. Completed in 2019 just prior to the South Building, the West Building features brand-new classrooms, career and internship support offices, and lots of areas for students to relax. Communal areas include atriums, patio areas with a full view of the campus and a large gathering hall.

Campus Map

Kameoka Campus

Kameoka Campus is located about 30 minutes from Uzumasa Campus, with KUAS offering a bus service to shuttle all students between campuses. Kameoka Campus occupies a large valley flanked by mountains, making it the perfect environment to get away from the bustle of the city. The 232,000 square meter campus features 16 buildings as well as numerous sporting fields (baseball, soccer, golf), a gym and outdoor facilities dedicated to our Faculty of Bioenvironmental Science. Engineering students will be able to take advantage of Kameoka’s sporting facilities as part of their physical education courses!


Kyoto University of Advanced Science has three libraries that not only house our impressive book collection but also provide students with a variety of productive study environments.
To help students stay healthy both in body and mind, in addition to the sporting facilities at Kameoka Campus, our Uzumasa Campus features an exercise room and yoga studio.
One of the staples of any Japanese university is the school cafeteria, where you will find a wide variety of cuisine at very reasonable prices. KUAS is no exception to this, and our regularly updated cafeteria menu is very popular among our international students.