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With a history of more than 1,000 years, Kyoto has long been the center of Japanese culture and trends. Today, Kyoto is also known as an academic city and a hub of high-tech industries. Kyoto is also well-known for being an international and environmentally friendly city. All of this makes Kyoto an excellent place for the organic pursuit of practical knowledge and intercultural literacy.

Kyoto University of Advanced Science has two campuses in Kyoto; one in Uzumasa and another in Kameoka. Each of these campuses has unique characteristics and facilities, allowing KUAS students to get the full college life experience. At KUAS, students can study, make friends, acquire a global perspective and prepare for their future.


Uzumasa Campus
Kameoka Campus


Engineering Building

Uzumasa Campus

uzumasa2.jpgUzumasa Campus is a new campus established in 2015. Uzumasa is very close to the downtown area of Kyoto City, and is surrounded by many important historical sites. Students can experience the unique tradition and culture of Kyoto while studying in a fully equipped modern campus.

Uzumasa campus consists of four large buildings. The South Engineering Building is the newest of the four, and was completed in 2019 specifically for our Faculty of Engineering. The South Building is equipped with the latest workshops and labs, and is ideal for engineering students to experiment, innovate, and learn about state-of-the-art technologies. Outside of the South Building, Uzumasa Campus also features a bookstore, cafeteria, learning commons, and more.

The Faculties of Engineering, Economics and Business Administration, Humanities, and the Department of Nursing all hold classes on Uzumasa Campus. This means that students will have opportunities to make friends from many different fields of study.

NOTE: While most specialized Engineering courses are held at the Uzumasa Campus, some elective courses are held at the Kameoka Campus.

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Kameoka Campus

kameoka2.jpgKameoka is a city surrounded by the beauty of nature in the western part of Kyoto Prefecture. Kameoka Campus is located on a gently sloping hillside and boasts a vast area of 231,764 square meters. The campus has been expanded several times since the founding of KUAS in 1969.

Kameoka Campus features numerous athletic facilities, including sports tracks, soccer fields, a baseball field, tennis courts, and gymnasiums. Students are encouraged to keep healthy and learn life skills through physical education and extracurricular activities in the fresh air.

Kameoka Campus also takes advantage of its rich natural environment to host some of the latest research in the fields of Bioenvironmental Science as well as Health and Sports Science, with both Faculties holding their classes on Kameoka Campus. All KUAS students can commute back and forth to Kameoka Campus via the university’s free shuttle bus.

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