KUAS Engineering Student Huyen Nhung HOANG Awarded Honorable Mention

News Engineering 2023.02.03

A team including second-year KUAS master’s course student Huyen Nhung HOANG has been awarded an Honorable Mention Certificate from the IEEE CIS Student Hackathon on Computational Intelligence in Biomedicine and Healthcare for their project titled "Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) Sensor Wearable Device with a Smartphone Application for Parkinson’s Disease Falls Prevention". The Hackathon, affiliated with the 2022 IEEE Symposium Series On Computational Intelligence (SSCI) held at Singapore Management University in early December, encourages innovative computational intelligence solutions to core issues in smart medicine, smart healthcare, and smart hospitals including personalized, predictive, preventive, and participatory medicine and healthcare.

The team’s project focuses on fall prevention for patients with Parkinson's disease. Ms. Hoang and her team designed and partially developed an IMU sensor-based system that helps medical professionals to evaluate the effectiveness of treatments given to their patients. The system extracts meaningful information from accelerometer sensor data to determine a patient’s step speed and walking orientation. A decision tree model then classifies their gait as normal or abnormal. The system design also includes a mobile app that sends notifications when a patient is about to fall (for prevention) or has fallen (to summon help).