KUAS Vice President Dr. Toshihiko Koseki Receives “Comfort A. Adams Lecture Award”

News Engineering 2022.12.05

The American Welding Society (AWS) announced that Dr. Koseki, Vice President of Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS) received the "Comfort A. Adams Lecture Award," named after the founder of AWS, on Monday November 7th, at their annual conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
The "Comfort A. Adams Lecture Award" is the highest-ranking award. The award, founded in 1943 and named after the Society’s founder, Dr. Comfort A. Adams, is annually given to one society member who has made a significant contribution to the field. This year, Vice President Koseki was selected for this traditional award.
The award ceremony and acceptance lecture were held in Atlanta, where Vice President Koseki gave a one-hour lecture, titled "Understanding and Control of Weld Microstructure and Joint Interface of Steels and Dissimilar Metals."
The AWS, founded in 1919, has a proud history of over 100 years and hosts approximately 70,000 members. Their activities cover a wide range of Welding Engineering topics, including material science, the technology of wielding and joining, coating, and automation, as well as robotics and three-dimensional printing.
Welding Engineering is one of Dr. Koseki’s fields of research along with materials engineering. Thus far, he has published the results of elucidating the unsteady state formation of material microstructures in welds and joints using various analytical methods, such as crystal orientation analysis and numerical simulations.
Dr. Koseki has served as a Board Member of the Japan Welding Society, Japan Welding Engineering Society, and Japan Light Metal Welding Association, as well as the Editorial Committee Member of the British journal “Science and Technology of Welding and Joining”, Director of Committee Member of the IX-L “International Institute of Welding,” and has also been elected a Fellow of both the AWS and the Japan Welding Society.
(PR Center, Go Urata)