Uzumasa Campus Receives a Visit from Mongolian Students

News Engineering 2023.02.01

On January 18, 2023, KUAS Uzumasa Campus received a group visit from Ulaanbaatar Elite International School, an institution from Mongolia. This is the first time KUAS has hosted an international campus tour for an overseas institution since the launch of our Faculty of Engineering in 2020. 

Dean Tabata during his lecture to the visiting students
To begin the tour, Dean of Faculty of Engineering Osamu Tabata gave a presentation on our engineering program and its one-of-a-kind curriculum. He also gave words of encouragement to the students, who asked him many questions about university options and future career paths.  
To follow, Mongolian students currently enrolled in the KUAS Faculty of Engineering gave the middle and high school students a tour around the Uzumasa campus. They spoke about their experience in Japan and provided advice for those who were interested in studying or living here in the future. The young crowd listened intently and showed great interest in the engineering students’ words.  

KUAS engineering student guiding the visitors around the Uzumasa Campus
Finally, the tour ended with a visit to the Science Plaza, where Dr. Hirotsugu Matoba showed the students some of the machinery and facilities available to the students and staff of the Faculty of Engineering. The students showed great interest in Dr. Matoba’s demonstration and took many videos on their cell phones while in the Science Plaza.   
We would like to thank the students and staff that visited us on this day. We hope that we can meet with students-- not as visitors, but as KUAS students—in the near future.  

article photo b.jpg
Dr. Matoba giving an explanation about the 3D-printed objects on display on the Science Plaza