Department of Economics

Features of the Department

  • A focus on individual instruction through small group seminars, to develop people who can utilize economic theory in society.
  • To improve professionalism through three courses and expand future potential.
  • To develop practical ability and communication ability through taking part in company internships and unique overseas language study.
  • Enhanced support of students who aim at obtaining qualifications for the Affiliated Financial Planner (AFP) or becoming a civil servant (Local Government Official, Policeman, Firefighter)

Understanding how our global society changes, and putting that understanding to use for yourself.

Dep of Economics Kiguchi Sensei.jpg
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Department of Economics Associate Professor Takehiro Kiguchi

How do migrants affect the economy of their new home? While there are cases of immigrants that tend to receive lower average wages than native workers due to limited language and other skills, the potential economic benefits of employing them could include a synergetic effect through revitalizing the local industries. Stating that migrants “steal local jobs” makes for a good soundbite, but this is not necessarily the case. In our rapidly changing world, the study of economics allows us to understand the present and postulate the future. Through a practical curriculum unique to our Department of Economics, I want you to begin thinking about economics as a living, moving organism, and use that knowledge to shape your own future.