Department of Japanese History and Cultural Studies

Features of the Department

  • To conduct fieldwork in which students explore Kyoto, widely known as the center of Japanese culture and history.
  • The Department’s curriculum covers not only a deep exploration of culture, but also the history of politics and economics. As an example of cultural study, students will experience the traditional performance of Noh, as well as food culture, classical literature and the history of language.
  • Students will study history through literature and historical folklore, including early folklore, myths and legends.
  • Students have the opportunity to acquire qualification for a teacher’s license for the subjects of social studies, geography and history or as a museum curator.

To truly understand the world, we must first understand our own history.

Faculty of Humanities, Department of History and Cultural Studies
Professor Junko Yamamoto

“The internationalization of our society in recent years has increased demand for “global citizens”, describing people that are aware of the wider world and their place in it. However, how can we aim to understand the world if we do not have a full grasp on where we come from? History is about studying our origins, whether that be the people that used to inhabit the country you are from, or humanity as a whole. Furthermore, while some people feel disconnected with events in the past, history actually teaches us to move forward, and learn from our challenges, mistakes and successes. KUAS has developed one of the most unique history programs in Japan, and I believe that its focus on practicality specifically does way with this disconnect, and lets our students “feel” the past. Kyoto is the place where the actual impact legends have on the local populace. And from our field trip at the center of the Kyoto, which features direct participation in historic festivals to our unique folklore program, I am sure we have an offering that is bound to interest you.